Why Kusala?

May 1, 2022
This is a picture of an elephant pondering its life while sitting on the limb of a tree.

FAQs and Other Things to Know

Why Kusala?

Kusala was born from the depths of my own spiritual wounds, karmic memories, and the need to improve the conditions for a successful business venture.

Pronounced kuś ah la, and with a syllabification of ku‧sa‧la, this is a word of Pāli and Sanskrit origins whose meaning, according to The Oxford Dictionary of World Religions includes:

...the skillfulness which enables one to abstain from committing those actions which retard or obstruct spiritual development and to limit oneself to doing only those actions which help and bring about spiritual development.

Akusala, its opposite term, serves as an important reminder from our current place in time when developing this skillfulness.

What about akusala?

Akusala is further defined, in part, as:

Unskillful action.  Actions are called "unskillful" because of their undesirable effects, since they contain the seed of unhappy destiny or rebirth.  The actions are rooted in greed (*lobha), hatred (*dosa) or delusion (*moha), the three unfavorable roots (akusala-mūla).

What were my past lives?

Truthfully, I don't know, and I'm not going to try and define those experiences on your behalf.

I am, however, here to help you remember – through the use of bodymind therapies and somatic healing intentions – when and where those relations and patterns are arising from, and how they most immediately affect the quality of your spiritual health and well-being.

When past life traumas, and the memories associated with them, are allowed to surface from within the body, a tremendous amount of healing potential becomes viable again, allowing you to become a more active participant in your own awakening process.

What's my karma?

It's important to make a distinction between a past life memory, and the law of cause and effect that allows you to remember such a thing.  It's nearly impossible for another person to know, with any degree of certainty, outside of the individual's own karmic inquiry.

It's for this reason why I recommend connecting with your own non-physical guides, allies, and teachers – through the use of the shamanic journey, conscious dreaming, or ceremonial work – and for your own understanding and integration.

Of course, there are instances with shared memories that do arise from our previous incarnations, and those memories that can include the same space and time on our plane of existence, but this is for you to decide when and where those events may have occurred.

To answer your question more specifically, however, karma begins its explanation with:

...the law of consequence with regard to action, which is the driving force behind the cycle of reincarnation or rebirth (*samsara) in Asian religions.

Karma, therefore, is simply another term for cause and effect and the non-linear phenomena that penetrates the interwoven fabric of a person's birth, life, death, and whatever lies beyond.

How would you be able to heal my karma?

Karmic healing, in my opinion, is a bit of a misnomer simply due to the fact that the underlying causation is not, nor cannot, be considered a separate factor from the condition of your bodymind in the present moment.

I'm here to serve as a reflection for your own awareness and self-healing.  This, in turn, becomes another effect which will continue reverberating throughout the many-layered dimensions of your whole being and interpersonal relationships.

From a psycho-spiritual-somatic perspective, it becomes counterproductive when we spend our time chasing musculoskeletal and pain-related symptoms down a rabbit hole, rather than addressing the underlying patterns of disharmony that most often affect the whole person.

Without forcing an agenda upon your body's capacity to heal, you may find yourself more easily moving into the direction of ease and joy, while actively returning to a pain free, and spiritually fulfilling, lifestyle.

When will you begin taking new patients?

While I am currently on the lookout for new space to work from, none has come into fruition as of yet.  When I do begin making time for in-person appointments, you'll be the first to know with notifications posted on this site, among others.

Where can I schedule a full-body massage?

I no longer offer full-body massages, and I'm done catering to those that have come to expect sexual services from their therapeutic provider.  Experience has shown me that in some cases a patient's unspoken intentions may elicit an expectation for erotic services – which I will not provide.

Where can I schedule an on-site visit, at my home or office, for example?

Along with full-body massages, I no longer provide on-site bodywork appointments.  While I have provided these types of appointments in the past, with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am no longer scheduling this type of service.

How is spiritual healing any different than being a faith healer?

While it could be argued that faith lies at the cornerstone of any spiritual practice, I do not practice faith healing by means of prayer alone, nor am I a particularly religious person.  When taking into consideration the physiological functions of the fascial and craniosacral systems, combined with the emotional and energetic releases thereof, I've found that a person's spiritual conditioning, and their willingness to feel, tends to dictate the quality of their bodywork appointment more than anything else.