Sacred Syllables

May 1, 2022
The image of a calligraphy style Om in black and white brushstroke.

Oṃ – The Sacred Syllable

A few years ago, well it's been many now, the universe gifted me with the Sacred Syllable domain name, and the idea of how God's ancient tongue interplays with all of humanity.  At first, it was clear, the syllable is about linguistics, and the meaning that can be derived from a sign or symbol.  Then it became about writing and the sacred texts that have existed throughout humanity's history, and how the shape of a word, relative to the sound of its native tongue, must have developed from our ancestors.  And then from this sound, it's become about the sound of healing, and how those vibrations and frequencies can help to bring us into new states of awareness if only we allow ourselves to relax and sink into the buoyancy of this timeless moment.

Oṃ, or Aum, according to The Oxford Dictionary of World Religions, is:

...the most sacred syllable in Hinduism, which first appears in the *Upanishads.  It is often considered as the *bija (seed) of all *mantras, containing, as it does, all origination and dissolution.  It is known as pranava ('reverberation'), and it is the supreme aksara (syllable).

This is important to understand as the inclusion of the Sacred Syllable, alongside the current development of Kusala Alternative Medicine, not only affirms, and quietly reaffirms, the ways in that this distinct sound has come about, but it also underscores the importance of actively listening in your daily lives, and spiritual practice.  Of course, many of you have come to know and love the all-pervading sound of Oṃ in your own yogic practice, but the Sacred Syllable has a special meaning for me.  Having the benefit of working with the sound of healing for several years now, and learning how its resonance begins its vibrations from a place of stillness and silence, I'm now ready to begin creating sounds for use with your own bodywork practice(s).

The Sacred Syllables from Kusala Alternative Medicine

Far from being a formally trained musician, I began my appreciation for music later in life, and after many years of listening to, and collecting, a variety of movie soundtracks and musical scores.  Beginning with James Horner's musical companion to 1995's Braveheart, starring Mel Gibson and Catherine McCormack, my ears learned how to hear the conversation that exists in classical music, and how those musical choices better inform the storytelling process and, in turn, the emotional response of the audience itself.  While none have been posted at the time of this writing, you may occasionally find a musical score posted on this blog, although only to enhance the narrative, and for your own listening pleasure.

Beginning with crystal singing bowls, and Vibrational Sound Therapy, one of my goals is to be able to create original content for Kusala Alternative Medicine, while learning the ins and outs of musical composition and the YouTube platform.  Of course, everyone has their own wishlists in life, and mine includes learning from the pros along the lines of Britney Spears, Florence Welch, Jay-Z or Beyoncé, jLo, and of course, Madonna Louise Ciccone.  Snoop Dogg would be a lot of fun to work with as well, as I'm confident that his rhythm could really help to set the tone for what I'm working with.  Wishful thinking, of course, but an aspiring content creator has to begin somewhere, right?

While I have only just begun exploring this newfound creativity, while learning the technical demands of becoming a music maker, my current and future activities include live recordings at the Thundersong Sound and Peace Chamber, as envisioned by Joseph Rael – a Native American Elder and Holy Man; Primordial Sound Meditation and mantras with Deepak Chopra™, and when possible, The Five Warrior Seed Syllables from Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, a well known teacher in the Bön lineage that also works with sound healing.

Sacred Hoops – A Circle of Healing

Envisioned as a practice management and community building tool for the alternative healing industry, Sacred Hoops is being positioned as a web-based solution that will better serve the unique needs of the tribal, healing center, or sole practitioner alike.  Currently in early stage development, it's my goal to be able to share with you this love of alternative medicine, and the spiritual forces that interact with your lives, so that you may each be able to come to a place of wholeness, and in your own time and way.  Combining the best of modern technology, with the wisdom of the world's healing traditions, it's a part of a long-term plan to build a better platform that supports your own somatic healing, and evolving consciousness, one person at a time.