Karma Yoga

May 1, 2022
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I've thought a lot about this one and how best to present this information.  As you might imagine, after my initial awakenings that occurred while serving in the military, it became very clear to me that a higher purpose was at hand.  And for a long time, I found purpose with this awakening by using my intuitive abilities to help others.  For those of you that have never found the joy in connecting with, and working alongside your non-physical guides and teachers, there is no greater peace I've found than with those invisible allies that fill your heart with an essence that is both beyond yourself, and of this very moment.

In those years following my discharge from active duty I really played around a lot with my own spirituality.  From practicing shamanism to the hands-on work that I found with providing Reiki treatments, to just being alive with other awakened beings.  The challenge that I found myself in, however, was what to do with those abilities, that desire to help others, and how to best funnel those energies into making a living that was both respectable of my talents, and worthy of devoting my time to.  And it was around this time of my life when it made sense to me to seek a medical license and to be able to take clients and treat them in a way that best suited the needs of my spiritual practice, and in ways that were aligned with the needs of a budding client base.

Now many years later I've found myself reinventing this practice once again, or maybe for the first time, whereas I can create an atmosphere of authenticity and invite an attitude of providing an authentic healing experience for anyone that may seek these services.  Karma Yoga, or the Hindu practice of unselfish action, while offering one's work as a sacrifice to God, best describes where I am today, and how I offer these healing services to the public.  Karma Yoga, in other words, is a means by which a person is able to attain liberation through their life's work.

Pulling out my handy Oxford Dictionary of World Religions, which I've often sourced throughout the years, Karma Yoga is further defined as:

One of the four main types of *yoga in Hinduism, leading to union with God.  It consists of detachment, not from action as such, but from the fruits of all action, offering them instead as a sacrifice to God.  It follows that karma-yoga is the opposite to abstention from works: it is the cultivation of the proper attitude to works, especially religious duties.  Bhagavad-gītā 3 describes karma-yoga and the reasons for it . . .

According to Baba Ram Dass, the late 20th-century spiritual teacher, guru, and psychologist, the classical examples that are provided by the Bhagavad-gītā occurred during a conversation that took place between Krishna and Arjuna, and can be summarized with these two mandates:

  1. “Do not be identified with being the actor.”
  2. “Be not attached to the fruits of the action.”

In this short piece that is accessible from his website by clicking here, Ram Dass continues this informal discussion to include the pitfalls of identifying with the actor, and instead, further illuminates how we can choose a path of right action, through serving others, as a way of serving God.  And it's in this same spirit of serving others while aligning my abilities for the highest good, that I offer Kusala Alternative Medicine, and its future services, as a means to not only study and improve one's karma, but also as a means to recognize how those previous choices have affected your current incarnations, including your own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.