Greek Coffee Readings

May 1, 2022
A cup of Greek coffee on a wooden table.

Kafemanteía – The Greek Coffee Reading

A Greek-style coffee reading is a specific type of psychic reading that uses the remaining grounds from a cup of Greek coffee as a medium upon which the reader is able to scry upon.  By using their extrasensory perceptions, and with the aide of their respective non-physical guides and allies, the reader is then able to guide the recipient through a reading that can include clarification and insight into past, present, and future situations in their lives.

Spiritual guidance can come to us in many different ways, and for those of you with an open mind, a Greek coffee reading is a wonderful way to connect with your sources of power, and for the benefit of yourself, and others.

Greek coffee readings, or kafemanteía, as they are known as in their native tongue, has its origins, and is similar to, the reading of tea leaves that many Chinese traditions are so well known for.  These types of readings are similar to those that are found in the ritual and divination practices of the Mediterranean area, and can include the use of Turkish coffees as well.

For those of you that have never been fortunate enough to have experienced Turkish coffee, or for those of you that are not coffee drinkers, be forewarned: these types of coffee have a very dark roast, and a very robust flavor profile, that not only is strong with its flavor but will also leave you with a rush of caffeination that can last for hours on end.  It's for this reason why I recommend scheduling your coffee reading for a late morning, or early afternoon, as to avoid any disruptions with your sleeping cycles.


While there are no specific preparations for any type of divination that I know of, it's a good idea to spend a few days of contemplation, including the use of meditation and prayer, that can help clarify your query prior to the reading.  This type of groundwork can include a brief, two or three-day ceremony, perhaps over the weekend, and before you rest for the evening, that includes the use of at least one of the four classical elements into your ceremonial work.

A few examples include lighting a candle in your alter space, and spending a few moments in silence; or having fresh, clean, water in the same space, and in order to invoke the intuitive nature of water itself; or bringing a few small portions of clean, dry, dirt into the same place of sanctity.

While there are no formal rules for which element that you decided to work with, or how you decide to work with it, I'll ask you to trust your intuitive nature while remaining grounded and connected to the Earth's energies that supports our lives.  From here, we are better able to embody the moment as it is, while opening our brows, and our hearts, to fully receive the guidance as it comes to us.

Receiving the Reading

In my own experience as a reader I have found that there are many different types of queries, just as there are querents.  From the skeptic to the gullible, and everything in between, we sometimes see objections to the integrity and abilities of the reader with those that seek our insight.  Regardless of where you stand on this scale of personal judgement, I will ask you to remain open-minded, and affable in nature, when receiving your reading.

Clairvoyant readings are fluid by nature and while it's best to remain unattached to the outcome, this can serve as an important time when developing your own psychic abilities while further strengthening the quality of your own spiritual inquiry.  It's for this reason, among others, why I consider your readings as private and confidential with the messages that are channeled and then received throughout your time with me.

This relaxed 1 – 2 hour reading includes preparation of the coffee, an informal exchange between the querent(s) and the reader, a calling of the sacred circle including the six directions and its center, and the reading of the cup itself.  Parties of up to four can be accommodated with advance notice.