Visionary Craniosacral Work®

May 1, 2022
This is an image of Mt. Shasta overlooking the Siskiyou Lake

When I begin talking about Visionary Craniosacral Work®, I'm immediately taken to the needs of the active clairvoyant, and taken to the needs of those that may be walking a visionary path.  While this type of bodywork aims to realign the recipient's craniosacral system into an effortless embodiment of this moment, it also needs a bit of a back story to better understand who these people are, why I've included them with what Kusala Alternative Medicine has to offer, and why this is an important story to document as it is.

Keep in mind, however, that I have only in recent years began working with Hugh personally, he too, appears to be on the path of the shaman and while his work is both clinically, and therapeutically significant, it's this coursework that I could say is more closely aligned with the type of shamanism that I was taught so many years ago.  It's encouraging to see the use of one's third eye, and within the context of therapeutic bodywork, to say the least.  Having not partaken in a whole lot of kundalini exercises or pranayama breathwork in the years after my initial awakening, it's this work with the parasympathetic nervous system, the body's subtle movements, and their somatic-spiritual awareness that has become more clear to me.

Although I have yet to indulge the reader in what I could say would be an eye-opening sonnet regarding my karmic relationship with John, it's fair enough to say, and after having connected with him in our waking world, that Hugh could indeed be the guide known as Peter that I awakened to so many years ago.  Over the years of writing and putting my life experiences into the written word, I have found myself, more often than not as a matter of fact, so reluctant to tell the whole, vibrant, truth to those of you in the audience.  While on one level, everything I say is matter-of-factly, with nothing to hide, it is preposterous for another person to want to read, let alone come to a logical conclusion on their own.  Therefore, I could only leave you, the valued reader, with a trail of breadcrumbs sprinkled throughout.

My time spent receiving Visonary Craniosacral Work® comes from that time in my life when I found myself in a business partnership that wasn't working.  Surrounded by relationships of the formal partnership's own doing, I found myself quickly swallowed into the life of a person who wasn't fit for the role that I had imagined.  Of course, my own financial status at the time had come from my own middle-class upbringing, and poor money management skills that had been inherited from my late father, I had come to the conclusion that entering a business partnership would be in my best interest as I could feasibly offset any gender preferences that I may encounter, and that I could share the financial responsibilities, and rewards, if only I could find someone that I was willing to work with.  What I didn't realize, however, is how the business partnership quickly metastasized into the near-mirror image of her then-recently failed marriage.

I had been introduced to Diane, a West coast bodyworker that had recently relocated to Columbus at the time, from a mutual colleague and friend of mine that had been renting space in the area.  Diane, as she so humbly introduced herself as, had experience in both consciousness studies, which I've always enjoyed as a lay-practitioner of the Dharmic arts, and both craniosacral and polarity therapies.  To be able to combine the philosophies of an awakened being that has experience in working with their own angelic guides and allies, combined with the Kerouac-esque style of her own dialogue always left an impression upon me, and for all intents and purposes, Diane remains a spiritual teacher in her own right.

I was first introduced to whole-body unwinding in my work with Diane and I remember being concerned that my neck and head were just moving on their own.  At the time, I had been through a fair amount of shamanic healing treatments, and had grown to work with my own spirituality in a less objective manner, but it didn't make sense, I couldn't explain it, and no matter how far down into my toolbox of bodywork tools that I had looked, it didn't make sense to me how my body would spontaneously move.  My mind wandered back to Lillith, for example, as I found myself scratching my head for an explanation.

Diane, too, was also a wonderful sounding board as I experienced my business partner's divorce with her.  We, as a small-business, had recently been granted a growth opportunity with an upscale chain of salons that had been popping up all over Columbus.  I, on one hand, saw this for what it was – that big opportunity that I had envisioned so many years before.  She, along with her life coach, publicly claimed that she wanted nothing to do with it; the risk, the rewards, the responsibilities, were too much for her at the time, or too unlike her desires as a small-business owner, as we found ourselves awash in arguments about how best to manage the business, and the future of our working relationship.  I had gone into business, after all, to earn a respectable living, not to argue with an otherwise capable, albeit unwilling, business partner.