Apex geometry and Apex, North Carolina

Sep 12, 2022
This is an image of three young women practicing kyudo, or Japanese archery, as silhouettes on a white background.

Here's another one that intrigues me about where to land myself - Apex, North Carolina.  Many years ago I decided the best way to understand the mirrors that I had been creating via Blogger, was to articulate their numerical values in the form of a word.  Far from being a mathematician, and far more prone to proper use of the English vernacular, I decided that the email address apexgeometries@gmail.com and a singular variation would suit these purposes best.  There's also clairvoyantimemachine, clairvoyanceryan, sentientmachinery, and the list goes on and on.

Apexgeometries, and apexgeometry for that matter, were always used as an inversion point for whatever I was doing on the web at the time.  The apex - the top or highest part of something, especially one forming a point - according to Google's dictionary, was never about something out there, in the external world, but rather served as a reflection of whatever it is that's going on inside of us and from our own internal point of views.

As some of you may know, throughout the years I have practiced kyūdō, or Japanese archery, first beginning with an introductory course at Zen Mountain Monastery, located in Upstate, New York, and then in 2009 when I first landed in Boulder, I was fortunate enough to study with the late Shibata Sensei XX at the Zenko Iba, as he called it, on 19th St.

Truth be told, while I was never fully committed to the extent of actually buying the uniform, the lay practice of zazen (sitting meditation), and The Way of the Bow (standing and walking meditation), have taught me much about the ongoings of the human mind, body, and spirit - including the Japanese culture itself.  Needless to say, my move to North Carolina has left much to desire in the way of finding a suitable place to continue with this spiritual practice.

Fast forward several months ago when I track down Meishin Kyudojo, a short jaunt down the road in Apex, and I find myself quietly pleased with this decision to relocate, once again, to the East Coast.  While this is a different school of archery, the Renmei tradition differs from Sensei's Heki Ryū Bishū Chikurin-ha lineage in more ways than one, I've found myself anticipating a return to the dojo for this continued practice.  And while this location is currently closed due to its own COVID restrictions, it's a fascinating practice that's focused on a study of the self as a reflection of the witnessing awareness that permeates this unique view of the world.

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