An Update

Jul 17, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Due to a busy spring and early summer schedule, it's been a while since I've had the time to sit down and share with everyone what it is, that's going on.

As many of you already know, I'm busily preparing for a move east to North Carolina, and in order to reduce the travel expenses that have occurred throughout this last year.  I've been motivated by a series of dreams, actually, and this move represents a more solidifying full circle moment for me as I've also recently touched base with a local hot glass studio, and have found myself coming back to those creative aspects of myself that have been long forgotten.

Due to the time constraints of this first year of acupuncture school, I have had very little time to sit down, record, and edit videos for my aspiring YouTube channel.  Of course, once our final exams were complete in early July, I did manage to make it back to the Thundersong Sound and Peace Chamber, and in order to record at least one more time while I'm still here in Colorado.  While I had envisioned myself creating a 15 or 30-minute meditation, and there is ample footage to create that with, I did want to put together a complete introduction to my newest singing bowls:

What I've found to be the clearest learning curve with this style of meditation is that I'm continually moving into silence, while remaining aware of the vibrational aspects of this present moment.  What this means is that while I'm becoming aware of the vibrations of my body, and those vibrations that are contained within the physical embodiment of my fascial voice, I've also become aware of how these sounds intercede with the perception of my mind, and how these functional aspects of Vibrational Sound Therapy have improved the qualities of my everyday life.

Anyways, during this first year of acupuncture school, we were also assigned a project that entailed our personal observations of the natural world, and how these elements better inform our own understanding of the Five-Element Theory – which is also known as the Wu-xing in Chinese philosophical models.  I'm sure you're all aware of this one, the star-shaped diagram that shows us how each element of nature influences one another, while also reflecting humanity's relationship with the natural world and offering the individual a peek into their own health and well-being.

The Five Element Theory explained in a colorful diagram.

This assignment led me to realize that while it's not a perfect video by any means, and that I occasionally suffer from the dreaded Shaky Camera Syndrome, the quality of my photography and filmmaking skills is a definite work in progress.  I was pleased, however, with the work that I produced in that video and that it gave me the experience to finally publish a complete video that includes an Intro, a subscribe banner, an Outro, and an audio clip that accompanied the 9-minute video.

After editing the public version of this video, I've been left with a nearly 7:30 video that clearly shows a bit of contrast between the fresh, green, spring of North Carolina with that of the brown, dry, and mountainous regions of the Front Range areas in Colorado.  I wasn't going to publish this right now, but it seems fitting with as little time that I've allowed for regular updates.  Plus, all of those celebrity filmmakers and politicians that consider me to be a household name may be pleased with my progress:

And, in the upcoming months, you'll be looking at a more user-friendly website, more well-pronounced and articulated content that is specific to the alternative medicine world, and products!  Yes, I have a handful of products in the bin waiting for your orders.  So, thanks for your patience, I know some of you reading this have been waiting for an update, and the next stop is – North Carolina.  Be well, everyone.

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