Respect for Healing

Apr 1, 2022
This is an image of Lord Vishnu with Lakshmi at his feet.

Thank you everyone for stopping by.  As some of you are returning readers, one of the topics that I feel the need to begin this new blog with is titled: Respect for Healing.  Taken from a post that was originally posted on, this brief synopsis covers some of the angles that I was once writing about, and instead, revisits these topics that are more in line with Kusala Alternative Medicine.

Kusala Alternative Medicine is one of the end results of working in the alternative healing industry for the last 20 + years, and is intended to become a leading provider of hands-on therapies and integrative healing services.  With its roots firmly planted in energy medicine and the shamanic healing traditions that I was introduced to so many years ago, it's my goal to be able to bring to you the best of what I've learned as a hands-on provider, including those strategies that will deliver the best results from a licensed practice.

For those of you that have already found yourself walking a healing path, you may already know that not all of what's been asked from us is always easy to accomplish.  From dealing with the unknowns that arise from within our bodies, to dealing with awakened beings that may not fall into alignment with your own worldviews, there can be a lot of self-proclaimed expertise in the worlds of spirituality and spiritual healing.  And when I say healing, I don't necessarily infer that the entirety of waking up includes white light and feel good affirmations.

From my own experience waking up to the realities of spiritual healing, and learning how to deal with those energies that are found within your own internal landscapes takes real work, and a real dedication to towards self-excavation both within yourselves, and with those beings that you feel called to align yourselves with.  Healing, in this sense, is taken from the actual experience of returning your awareness to your bodymind, and in many cases, learning how to deal with the sensations that come to the surface of the conscious self, and deciding how best to respond to them in this moment.

From a hands-on perspective, and this is when the term somatic healing comes to mind, the recipient can either decide to hold onto the emotions and energies that have caused them distress, or they can let them go.  In most cases the emotional and energetic releases that I've experienced with either John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release®, or Visionary Craniosacral Work®, have resulted in past life experiences including the traumas and memories that have come to be associated with these two most recent violent deaths.  In hindsight, these healing experiences are not to be unexpected especially considering that my initial awakenings surrounded my previous incarnations, including those that I was unaware of at the time.

Needless to say my work is less about massage therapy, per se, and more about bringing one's awareness to the surface, and with that, all of the karmic memories that are tied into your current incarnations, including this sense of self that many of us continue to identify with.

Healing Begins from the Center

The title of this article: Respect for Healing comes from a time in my life when I found the idea of becoming a professional actor to be more than one of solely intrigue, or fantastical ideations.  Taken from Uta Hagen's 1973 publication of Respect for Acting, respect for healing is the most appropriate term I've found in working with another person's body, and how they choose to integrate a newfound sense of wholeness into their lives.  Not only do we respect ourselves, first, and the healing experiences that we've surrendered to, we've also found through this process an intense admiration and deep respect for those that choose to remain open and energetically receptive to those spiritual forces that remain a constant in their lives.

Throughout the years I've been fortunate enough to work with, and learn from, many talented healers, therapists, and instructors, and one important lesson that I've learned along the way is that we've all got medicine to work with – either karmically implied or not – and that we've all got life's lessons to learn along the way.  One of the choices that we face is deciding on not only what to learn from, and in what ways, but learning how to apply those choices to our lives, while allowing their transformative affects to change us completely, and forever.  Much like the trained actor that is making a series of choices that will dictate the outcome of their own circumstances, walking the spiritually guided path involves awareness, insight, and action, that when taken together, builds upon the previous choices and into a new whole.

In the same light of working with one's choices to bring about a necessary change in their lives, I also find the need to mention that while much of my work throughout the last many years has involved the likes of many well-known personalities, the healing work that I offer is open to all walks of life, regardless of where you stand in the hierarchy of life's social ladder.  As a matter of fact, as I write this last paragraph of the first entry with my newest blog, and what will hopefully become a wildly successful business venture, I'm reminded of my early days with my first shamanic teacher who, in all of her feminine wisdom, quietly reminded us to leave our egos at the door while following the guidance of Spirit, or to listen to those beings that exist in realities other than our own, and experience their wisdom first-hand.

In closing, I wanted to say thank you to those of you that have supported my work thus far, and while I remain a relatively unknown personality myself, I wanted to especially say thank you to the many politicians, actors, musicians, athletes, veterans, and otherwise smart as f#@k businesspeople that have remained diligent and steadfast with their own choices in life, and welcome to Kusala Alternative Medicine.

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