Learning to Listen with Vibrational Sound Therapy

Apr 18, 2022

As I continue settling into sound therapy, I can't help but to think that the best way to approach these recordings is with sound meditation.  Everytime I visit this sound chamber in particular, I'm reminded not only of my early work in shamanism, and where it's led me to, but also to the indigenous teachings of Joseph Rael, whose work I continue to appreciate as I age.

Visting the sound chamber over the last few years has not been what I imagined when I found out there is one here locally.  Its high walls and wood slatted ceiling is far different than the dark, enclosed, and womb-type of environment that I had imagined these spaces being like.  And each one, from the best that I can tell, closely mirrors the primary builders and "chamber keeper" that so many of them have come to be known as.

And the void inside of the chamber is filled with the type of energy whose emptiness fills your heart with the clarity that comes from knowing that this space was built for generating peace in our lives.  It's filled with the type of omnipresent energy and sound that quietly reminds you that something else in here, a presence, and a type of energy whose vibration you can feel deep down inside of your bones, and you can feel in your throat when you empty your voice into this quiet, hollow, space.

Working with sound in this manner, as in visiting a chamber whose construction is entirely dedicated to sustaining peace in our lives, is not something that I would expect everyone, or anyone for that matter, to simply "get" on your first visit.  I've been here just over a year and a half and with the many visits I've made up this mountainside, I would say that it takes a good handful of visits until your internal space begins to open up in just the right way where you can begin to understand what the chamber, and Grandfather Joseph, is communicating to, and through, you.

After editing and then watching this second recording of mine, it's become apparent to me that in order to find myself in the world of sound healing, that I'm going to have to commit to longer playing times, and I'm going to have to commit to investing in larger bowls.  This silent transition into full-length sound meditations has been something that I've been working on, although for my own sake, it's really become a part of the process and learning how to make music.  Although many of the seasoned sitters out there may have no interest in practicing meditation alongside their favorite YouTube channel, for anyone at home that is new to meditation, or new to the sound chambers, or new to sound meditation for that matter, these could prove to be helpful tools along the way towards your own self-actualization.

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